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Welcome to all of you,

You are amongst the first to discover the Popup Projects!

In one sentence, our goal is to make possible the creation of new, sustainable projects by putting people in relation with each other, and to have these projects followed up by a dynamic Community open to everyone.


What is a Popup Project?

A Popup Project is a project with a common goal (probably naïve for some people, but at least not complicated to understand): to contribute to the creation of a better world.

All resources are welcome to launch Popup Projects. Every project needs enthusiasm, time, competences, materials and funds. As each of us has some of these things to offer, everyone is welcome in the Popup Community.


Why this Popup Projects Initiative?

After our wedding and following a bike trip across Europe and Africa, we found that it was difficult to set up a simple project, even when the need is obvious and resources are available. A concrete example is the construction of a borehole in Kambi Katoto (Tanzania), no longer having water supply when we crossed this village.

The Popup Projects aim to create a partnership between people with a specific need and other people able to mobilize the missing resources (whether they have them or they can commit to finding them), with the support of a vibrant Community.

The objective of the Popup Projects Initiative is to allow a better distribution of resources. The objective of each Popup Project is to create a very concrete project based on a specific need, to have the Community united around this idea, to realize it and to follow it up.

The creation of Popup Projects is open to everyone. We are convinced that the Community could bring out beautiful Popup Projects close to home.


And what's next?

The success of Popup Projects depends on the commitment of the Popup Partners, who lead the Project, the quality of their partnership, and also the support offered by the Community. The Community will be able, for example, to answer the concrete questions of the Partners thanks to the experience of its Members (similar projects, possibilities of financing, crowdfunding, ...) and to make resources available like models of specifications and conventions ( Project Popup Agreement, guarantees, transfer of a project in difficulty, ...).

You are invited to register as a Popup Member to participate to a Project or Community discussions or to create your Popup Project, according to your own wishes, skills and availability.

The Popup Community wants to be alive, open, intelligent, benevolent and in constant search for the greatest possible win-win in every concrete situation. The sky is the limit!

Thank you for your confidence!


Val & Ced

Members of the Popup Community

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